Oink if you love pork chops

Pork Chops-Old MillTUESDAY
OCTOBER 29, 2013

By Jay Furst

Autumn's in the air, and so are the pigskins.
While pigs don't actually donate leather for footballs, they do produce juicy, irresistible pork chops, which is the play of the day for this Four Star column.
"The other white meat" is especially at home on menus in fall and winter.....
This month's winners all have a distinctive character..... and I had to bend the rules to get the Old Mill's cracked pepper pork loin into the winner's circle, but for all the world it tastes like the thickest and juiciest of all the chops.
What makes a great pork chop?
Thick-cut top-quality pork: Not every restaurant has a band saw in the kitchen but hand crafted touches such as cutting chops in-house make a difference. Regardless, thick cut, top quality pork, typically from Hormel is essential.
Err on the pink side: Pork doesn't have to be dry and white as snow inside. Pink is OK nowadays, and it's the juicy tenderness that makes a pork chop a worthy competitor to a beefsteak.
Try a gadget play: Some people---not me---find pork bland or boring, as if the only way you can enjoy it is by bathing it in barbecue sauce. But talented chefs....are doing creative things with chops. Hopefully others will take the cue and add it to their menus.